Рік англійської мови - 2016 – W. Shakespeare Commemoration
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2016 – W. Shakespeare Commemoration
My school #37
William Shakespeare
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William Shakespeare  is  one of the world wonders, who never ceases to amaze: history is moving with giant steps, changing the image of the world, but people still need what he has created, separated from us by several centuries.

To honor the Shakespeare’s life and death, the teachers of our school have held an educational event “William Shakespeare’s festival”devoted to the works of the great poet, playwright and actor.

Students had the opportunity to dive into the world of art and poetry, to feel the special atmosphere that fascinated with  its warmth and lyricism.

The children have experienced themselves in the role of Shakespeare's sonnets readers, bewitching the audience with deft reciting.

The seniors played the immortal Shakespeare's characters and surprised the audience with their skillful acting.Such plays as “Romeo and Juliet”, “Othello and Desdemona”, “Hamlet” were done in the way William Shakespeare  had written them.

So, Shakespeare and his works will live forever.  As Ben Jonson said” William Shakespeare was not of an age, but for all time!

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