Вивчаємо іноземні мови

  Посиланнядо матеріалів вчителів англійської мови

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Рік англійської мови


Blue and white colours have been chosen for the logo as blue represents the sky and the sea. It is associated with open space, freedom, imagination, inspiration. One can find this colour on the flag of Ukraine, The United Kingdom, The USA, Australia. It stands for peace in every country.

White colour represents purity, a successful beginning and faith.

For the pupils of our school the Year of the English language is a successful beginning with hope for the bright future, it’s the freedom of flight into the open space of the English language.

The cars and double-deckers symbolize the progress and prosperity.

Big Ben( Elizabeth Tower) is the symbol of culture and strength. It indicates on the importance of time spent on education. It is a well- known fact that “One language sets you in a corridor of life but two languages open every door along the way.”



Created by the pupils of the 11th forms (Krasii Ihor Romanovych, Sobko Yuliia Yuriivna, Havdun Demian Andriiovych)

The moderators of the project are: Matrofailo Nataliia Mykolaivna, Sirman Halyna Samsonivna, Chesnokova Olena Mykolaivna.